PhD School

ACM Multimedia Asia 2021 will be held in a hybrid mode by offering both online and offline events. A live in-person PhD School with an online-broadcasting component will be enabled. It is physically held in Beijing, Chengdu, Sydney and Brisbane simultaneously on Day 3. This brand new session targets research students and early career researchers interested in exploring emerging research topics in Multimedia. It provides strategies on how to approach PhD study and pursue research excellence (e.g., Keynote 3), opportunities to communicate with senior researchers (e.g., on-site tutorials), and PhD presentation training (e.g., PhD lightning talk competition).

Live Lightning Talks

PhD Lightning TalksSpeakerAffliation*
A Framework of Noisy-Label Learning by Semi-Supervised LearningZhuowei WangUTS
Attention Learning in Human Action RecognitionKumie GedamuUESTC
Brain-Machine Interface for Web SearchZiyi YeTsinghua
CausalRec: Causal Inference for Visual Debiasing in Visually-Aware RecommendationRuihong QiuUQ
Federated Prototype Learning over Heterogeneous DevicesYue TanUTS
Multi-VAE: Learning Disentangled View-common and View-peculiar Visual Representations for Multi-view ClusteringJie XuUESTC
Few shot talking face synthesis with diversified stylesHaozhe WuTsinghua
Early Detection of Sugarcane Disease Using Hyperspectral ImagingDong BaoGriffith
Into-the-Unknown: Uncertainty Evaluation for Multimedia EnvironmentsXuesong WangUNSW
Towards Semantical and Interactive Image ManipulationSitong SuUESTC
Mental Health Computing via Harvesting Social Media DataTiancheng ShenTsinghua
Improving Generalization of Feature DistillationYudong ChenUQ
Generalization and Specialization in Zero-shot LearningYun LiUNSW
Why Temporality is important for Knowledge Graph?Jiasheng ZhangUESTC
Relevance Estimation with Multimodal Information SourcesJunqi ZhangTsinghua
Learning to Diversify for Single Domain GeneralizationZijian WangUQ


  • Griffith:  Griffith University
  • Tsinghua:  Tsinghua University
  • UESTC:  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • UNSW:  University of New South Wales
  • UQ:  University of Queensland
  • UTS:  University of Technology Sydney

Last updated on 26 November, 2021.