Presentation Guidelines

Paper presentations at ACM Multimedia Asia 2021 will be fully online at Zoom and Gather.Town. To provide a better experience for every attendance, we would like to introduce the following guidelines for presenters, session chairs, and audience respectively.

Guidelines for Presenters

All accepted papers are required to be presented online with a pre-filmed video and a live Q&A. Authors should also prepare a poster in PDF, which will be presented in Gather.Town for online discussions.

The pre-filmed video should be in MP4 format at 1920 x 1280p (HD) that consists of the presenter’s face via webcam and the slides presented. You can use Zoom to record your presentation in the required format. PowerPoint can also help record the slides presentation as a WMV video, which can be further converted into MP4.

The length of a presentation is specified as:

  • Full Regular/Applied Research: 13 minutes (playing pre-recording on Zoom) + 2 minutes Q&A (Live on Zoom)
  • Grand Challenges: 10 minutes (playing pre-recording on Zoom) + 2 minutes Q&A (Live on Zoom)
  • Workshop papers: 10 minutes (playing pre-recording on Gather.Town) + 2 minutes Q&A (Live on Gather.Town)
  • Short papers: 3 minutes lightning talk (playing pre-recording on Gather.Town)
  • BNI papers: 3 minutes lightning talk (playing pre-recording on Gather.Town)
  • Demo papers: 3 minutes lightning talk with a showcase of the demo (up to 5 minutes) (playing pre-recording on Gather.Town)
  • Q&A will be offered in Gather.Town for all tracks.

Authors of each accepted paper need to upload their poster and pre-filmed presentation (or a link to the pre-recording for downloading, e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive) as the supplementary files to CMT ( by 5pm 21 Nov 2021 (AEST).

Check the time and access entry for each session from the Conference Program. Join your presentation session 5 - 10 minutes before the session starts. Make sure you know the time duration of the presentation and Q&A.

Guidelines for Session Chairs

Join your session ahead of time to connect with the student volunteer and the speakers. This time can also be useful to test the speakers’ slides and audio.

For each of the regular talks (13-minute presentation), introduce the speaker and their paper.

At the end of each regular presentation, manage the Q&A time (2 minutes). Questions may come from the Q&A chatbox. Choose good questions from the audience for the Q&A and also prepare one or two warm-up questions for each regular presentation.

Guidelines for Online Audience

For Regular/Applied Research/Grand Challenge papers, interact with presenters during the Q&A time via Zoom’s chatbox.

For any other papers and the posters of all accepted papers, interact with authors in Gather.Town.

Last updated on 11 November, 2021.